10 Best Summer Holiday Virtual Games for Remote and Hybrid Teams 

Summer is the time when employees can have a bit of fun in the office, even in virtual and hybrid environments. After all, remote team-building activities can promote collaborative spirit and increase employee trust, which ultimately translates to higher productivity and a happier workforce. 

So, when the summer fatigue sets in the digital offices, it’s time to bring on fun summer-themed virtual activities that can also increase creativity and workers’ productivity during the holiday period. 

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10 Fun-Filled Summer Holiday Virtual Games and Activities 

Whether your virtual office decides to organise a virtual staff away day or simply have an activities-packed virtual summer party, these ideas are a great way to foster team spirit and have a bit of fun. 

1. Two Truths and One Lie Summer Edition 

One of the most common virtual team-building activities for remote and hybrid teams is Two Truths and One Lie. In this game, participants are given 2-3 minutes to write three facts about themselves, one of which is a lie.  

For example, 

  1. I speak German. 
  1. I have once eaten four large pizzas in a day. 
  1. I once hung up on a conference call but pretended that my internet connection went down. 

Number 1 is a lie; I actually speak Spanish, not German. 

You get the jist, right? 

Each participant should share three facts and guess which one is false. Keep the points tab if you want to make it more competitive, or make it summer-themed to match the holiday atmosphere. 

Tip: Use it as an ice-breaker for your virtual summer party, as it allows people to get to know each other better. 

2. Holiday-Themed Quiz 

Who doesn’t like a quiz? It’s competitive and allows you to flex your muscles and impress your co-workers with your in-depth knowledge about a particular subject. So, why don’t you organise a holiday-themed quiz? 

Not sure about the questions? Use the internet to source some ready-made questions and add a few questions of your own to personalise your quiz. Sprinkle some colleague-specific trivia to get people guessing someone’s favourite holiday destination, summer drink, and so on. 

3. Have Cold Brew Coffee Breaks 

Coffee breaks are a regular part of office life, but they’ve recently made their way into virtual offices. The only difference is that many workers opt for a cold rather than a hot brew in the summer. However, no matter what drink you go for, having regular coffee breaks with your co-workers can be a great way to chat, connect with one another, or even discuss your upcoming holiday plans. 

4. Send a Virtual Holiday Postcard or a Selfie 

In the summer, it’s natural that some people will be on (real) vacation while others will be covering them in the office. Regardless of that, we’re always curious to know how our holidaymakers are getting on and if they’re enjoying their time away. 

Sending a virtual holiday postcard or a selfie could be a fantastic low-key idea for virtual team members to share their holiday experiences with the rest of the team. 

At My Digital Office, we’re developing a team calendar to allow you to manage remote workers’ time off, set public holidays, and even send virtual holiday postcards via an interactive postcard board. 

Sounds exciting? Follow our blog to hear about future product developments. 

5. Summertime Recipe Swap 

What we eat in the summer and winter is different for many. In the summer, we prefer ‘lighter’ options such as salads, cold soups or smoothies, so why not bring a bit of culinary to your virtual summer team building? 

Begin by creating a document or a Slack channel and asking each team member to submit their favourite summer recipe. Breakfast, dinner, or dessert—the option is all yours! 

After everyone has contributed their recipes, challenge your coworkers to try a new recipe each week. 

6. Summer Cocktail Recipe Swap 

Alternatively, you can share and try cocktail and mocktail recipes, which could be an excellent activity for people who like to try out refreshing drinks in the summer. And, as you make a cocktail, don’t forget to bring it to a virtual summer party. 

7. Virtual Summer Party 

Hosting a virtual summer party could be the ultimate blast that everyone needs. Adding an easy and seasonally appropriate theme can make them extra fun. Pool party, Hawaii-themed party, or beach party—you name it! 

My Digital Office metaverse for work offers a completely interactive virtual party space with chairs, tables, a swimming pool, and even a bar so you can host your next summer party in style. 

Want to see how it works in practice? Get your hands on a free My Digital Office trial today! 

8. Summer Office Photo Competition 

Bringing a touch of reality through the pictures can be a great way to inspire productivity, especially if we talk about home offices. Everyone has a dedicated home office space, and its layout can depend on the season. So why not give your co-workers a home office tour and let them learn more about your personality and workstation set-up preferences? 

9. Employee Recognition Awards 

For many companies, whether remote, hybrid, or on-site, summer is a natural time when people feel less inclined to be super productive. In reality, they need the final boost to finish work before leaving for the summer holidays.  

For this reason, employee recognition awards can be a great way to acknowledge your teams’ hard work and keep them engaged during the summer. Plan an employee recognition award ceremony and reward the best performers by thanking them for their effort while keeping them motivated and productive. 

10. Digital Barbeque 

Who doesn’t like a BBQ in the summer? Everybody does, but getting together when your team is all over the globe could be challenging—so, do it all virtually! 

For example, people can share their garden pictures, bbq gear, favourite recipes, hold a rib or wing eating contest, and so on. 

Wrapping It Up 

Remember: virtual and hybrid teams can only thrive in an environment where they trust each other and have the time and space to build meaningful relationships. Use these ten fun games and activities for remote teams so that the summer in the virtual office doesn’t get too boring! 

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