Going Remote-First

The benefits for both companies and employees of going “remote-first” are numerous. Being able to higher the best talent globally, and not just the people who happen to be in your area, savings on office spaces, improved employee engagement, fewer hours stuck in traffic, just to name a few.

Company stake holders (bosses) are often more resistant to the idea of going remote than employees. Why? They are paying good money in salary and want to make sure that money is going into productivity. What makes being in an office productive? In most cases you just need a computer, internet, and some way to chat or video call with your teammates. It is not the office per-say that drives productivity, but how we work together in the same physical space. The processes, tools, and culture are the key factors. Could we keep those even when the team is dispersed around the world?

The short answer is yes. With the right tools, you can promote a work friendly environment for everyone on your team, whether they come to the office that day or not. In fact, some would even dare to argue that physical office days cause unwanted distractions and time-burn.Convincing stake holders to try remote.

The ROI of allowing remote work is clearly defined. Mention these things: larger scope for hiring pool (global), reduced cost of having a large office space, less hours wasted commuting.

But how do I know employees are working? With My Digital Office you can check the time reports to get a general idea of what your whole team has been doing, or check Tasks to see what has been done for the day or week. Staying connected

When more people are out of the office won’t it be harder to stay up to date? My Digital Office has streamlined communications channels. Head to an office room and click on the Zoom Icon on the table, everyone in that room will be notified that the meeting has started – seamlessly. Having an avatar and seeing people move around, go to meetings, and chat, gives the same impression as physically being in the same space.Culture and engagement

Spontaneous chats, parties, and celebrations come together to help form your unique office culture. Remote workers can feel left out! Fortunately, in a remote-first setup these issues are mitigated by making these things a priority even in a digital space. Ping a teammate when its their birthday! Cheer when a teammate completes a milestone, and even try a fully digital office party in My Digital Office.

Going into the next decade the question will no longer be ‘why you should go remote-first’, but ‘why are you not yet’?

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