Is the Great Resignation Impacting the Return to the Office?

Has your employer announced plans to return to the office, and you find that on-site work no longer appeals to you? Are you a company that has been hit hard by mass resignations? No matter who you are, you’ve likely heard of the Great Resignation – a new phenomenon associated with the high numbers of employees leaving their jobs following the end of the pandemic.

A third of the UK’s workforce is considering a career change – numbers that have not been seen since the recession in 2009. Meanwhile, companies struggle to retain the existing staff or recruit new talent, putting themselves in a rather tricky position.

So, what exactly is happening, and why are people quitting jobs en masse?

Continue reading to learn why people are considering ditching their jobs and what employers can do to combat the issue.

Why Are Employees Leaving?

There are myriad reasons why workers are hesitant to transition back to their workplaces. Living through the pandemic afforded us the time and space to reflect on the balance we want in our personal and professional lives. Now people have a strong opinion about their relationship with work, and they are feeling empowered to switch jobs at an unprecedented rate.

People Were Considering Career Change Before the Pandemic

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